Brighter Presence amEno acids Part one

Essential Amino’s The building blocks for health, Vitality and a new lease of life

Its not every day one gets new products to try out. When it happens, and especially when seeking to put ones life back to normal its always recommended to go for it! 

It was a call from the universe I think. Locking into synchronisticvibes, a friend asked.. “Is that you at Bilderberg?” It turned out in the annals of you-tube was an old video of me watching a speaker called Darren Deogee talking about words being spells! I was captivated by the chat and remember talking afterwards. As was my way I later added him to facebook, and pretty much moved on.

I had grown tired of shouting at trillionaires, and I suspect they had more than enough pictures of me! I got to marshall David Icke and Alex Jones that day. Probably the peak period of us woke generation, I like many others realised the hypocrisy of much of the ‘Truther’ movement. Checking up facts often highlighted this point precisely.. I have always steered more toward self-sufficiency than total reliance. I know we are ruled by wealthy controlling people.. I just don’t think violence nor the polarity in everything is necessary…Anyway, I digress!

The friend mentioning me being on that video, led to a post By Darren rolling down my newsfeed the very next day, requesting help with his online business…That was the synchronicity kicking in! I threw my hat in and after a few missed occasions we finally got to chat about his ventures. Every one of which is worthy, However me being me, I like to know my product. Immerse myself, to the best of my capabilities.

Supplements are hardly my priority usually, but even I have to admit ..If there is something I need, then its to supplement my godawful diet of basic bank food tins and stress! It could be said I am an extreme case and would either feel nothing whatsoever, or something really outlandish

In so many way’s It was a group of supplement’s , that I was very much in need of. I think everybody has their own reason and each time it will be different from the next human. Essentially Amino acids make up 75 percent of the human needs it balances and makes the protein and bits the human has to take in to function. It seems a lot of us humans essentially crave our amino intake since it helps with many areas which appear to be major issues today.

For vegans, obviously their amino’s which they would gain from animal products has to be replaced, Vegans will be happy to know this is vegan friendly range of products.

However anyone whose dietary intake is lacking, or they need to intake more amino’s will benefit from this product. Not over time like many of the supplements for protein, amino’s make the protein. I am not a doctor, nor in any way am I trained. All I can give is my open and honest opinion as somebody who would through impoverished circumstances benefit from the amino supplements Brighter presence products provide.

Im going to be testing out the products now and will run a journal with regular updates. I can tell you surprising results are occurring already!

Darren on Amino acid’s

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Amino Acid structure


Amino acid picture