So what has happened to me?
The blogs been running a few years now,things have gotten better for me but worse for any chance of opportunity, frankly things have gotten insane!
JOB: I did till i got my flat :/ I moved too far away. i see my kids now loads none of it is on my terms in any way  though really i have to bite my tongue and be walked over, because its far more important to see my kids than it is to worry about starving myself through the week. Yes i suffer but to think of the complete bottom i had hit when they were absent from my life, makes it all worth it. its just a shame ive tried so hard to get a job but nothing is out there, so rather than look at the intrinsic problem of the state of the economy, it is easier to just call me a scrounger…seriously?

Fuck you mr  politician, you’re the biggest fucking scroungers out there. With your expenses bills of luxury breakfasts, multiple houses, spouses taken on as secretaries, back handers from lobbyists able to set the agenda: which usually involves some form of government contract. Who the fuck are you to call poor people scroungers? People have been so segregated so hopelessly tied up in this stupid debt based economy that its easier to look down than it is up. Its easier to think those less fortunate are getting some kind of easy ride. David cameron said we’re all in this together, he wasnt talking about digging in deep with us, he was talking about how him and his croneys were going to rob all the money off the people and asset strip the country. Yeah everyone these days seem to be a fucking hypocrite, because i speak my mind and wont fall into the conformities expected of me i can probably be stereotyped 30 times over, in a manner that will suit them..not me. My government aint no god , they are self serving back slapping  money screwing  Lizards with no morals and no right over me; Listen to Larken Rose:

So anyway I figure to myself you know what im gonna start my own business up. That was back in march. i wanted to go self employed as a writer. Releasing chapters monthly begging and borrowing but not stealing, i dont like to steal. This is where the problems really lay. For someone like me with an ounce of creativity, a spark of an idea I would need thousands to start up. It should be simple really great idea go self employed..go for it.

When i do this i get told ‘computer says No!’, and why? Because its way more important to fill shelves in fucking tesco, far more fulfilling doing some generic 9-5 than writing, or anything which is self satisfying. In the meantime we are sent on the most inanely boring jobsearches taken away from our real life and cast in stone as sheep. Not anymore!

With food prices rocketing and actual living wage staying stagnant it is now impossible to get by week by week without. whether you work or not. Just the day to day expenditure we are needing just to get through swallows any of our promissory note right up. The vultures of government have in just 3 years removed all reasons for me to have a now i say kindly fuck off, and leave us alone!

The poor man’s Paradigm

And so the breakdown of the human race ensues

Time for a rant!

I haven’t written for quite some time, or rather I haven’t blogged. It seems I suffer from lack of motivation. I have started  my first book though, its slow going. Ive got a great idea for it and I have some ideas on producing it in a different way from how  an author would  usually try to get published.

However since the family court debacle life has been fairly sweet and sour in a mixture of different ways, for I have learnt the art of distraction! Its so easy to get distracted from your task at hand, and theres pretty good reason to feel distracted right now what,with those fucking Tories dismantling our country and attacking the poorest, Oldest, sickest, and weakest in society… They tried a tax on pasties, but those clever cornish people said ‘ahhh but Mr Ginster wouldnt like that!’ So they scrapped it, after all pasty’s are okish but shit on me if im gonna be taxed for eating one ill have a pie instead!

And then came the bedroom tax!  Yes the juxta position of the mansion tax which it was claimed would be impossible to administer..its sooo much easier to attack those with a spare room that are poor because we are just slaves huh?

Yes i understand that there shouldnt be under occupancy in a house..after all my spare bedroom for my children doesnt count because I dont get any benefits for them..well fuck-a-doodle ill just breach my contact order shall I?

Words cannot describe how pathetic this country has become, some days I have to starve myself in order to feed my children, and when I hear the absolutely ludicrous media attacks claiming people are earning bigger dole checks than people working, I have to laugh. I live on just over 50 quid a week, I seem unable to get a job and honestly the social engineering behind this getting a job malarky is astounding. Jim morrison once said ‘wheres the new wine, its dying on the vine’ or at least according to the oliver stone movie he did anyway. the bastardification of the welfare system is bad news, not for those on benefits (of course it is) but for those in the upper echelons of society.

200 years ago fear of revolution was huge in Britain, however we were pacified as the basic needs of the poor slowly became appeased. We were the workshop of the world and not in heavy debt..until the Napoleonic wars, when a certain Rothschild managed to swindle the powers that be into creating a national debt.
From that point onwards however reform was made to help those in the poorest positions of society. Voting, the ability to feed, clothe and home ourselves was a possibility. Now the silly buggers are removing it all again in the hope that we all go to work at poundland and Tescow’s for free. Times are testing, and believe me when I tell you that if the welfare system, public health and education continues to be stripped down to replace it for a war in a virtually non existant terrorist threat in far off countries the people are going to kick  off! You cant starve and remove people the way that is being done for them not to get mad, the pot is simmering right now, give it 6 months and I dont think that mansion tax will seem like such a bad idea when faced with a dodgily made diy guillotine..Do you?