Is Peaceful demonstration psy op?

“How many bastards make their buck in an English country garden?
i’ll tell ya now of some that i know and those i miss i’m sure you’ll pardon
Politicians and industrialists, bankers, bent scientists, chief constables, generals all the gentry and their brats will dance on the wall when the bastards fall in an English country garden”
Dirty Davey intro poem The Levellers

My question is fairly simple. Given that a high degree of anger is hitting the streets these days and something we have always been told is that we shouldnt get violent or rough and the only way to demonstrate is peacefully why the hell have we not gotten anywhere? If the only way is peaceably then why is our ability to demonstrate so fucking shite. John lennon once said that we shouldnt get violent, as violence begets violence. []

However historically the only real form of true revolution or change has come from the masses  going in and hanging every single last bloody one of them. So ill put it to you..Peaceful demonstration is a psy op produced to stop us getting to them. Id like to see change, people are getting mad and if something isnt done fast the very fabric of existance will be lost to us all Feel free to comment
Meantime heres Dirty Davey 🙂


The New Levellers

No i’m not talking about that rather funky band heralding from Brighton in the 90’s. Im talking about the first Decent and proper act of civil disobedience in British history, The levellers.
You see things haven’t changed too much in the last C.350 years they’ve just become more complex.

Included in the Agreement of the People (1649):

  • right to for all people to vote for their representatives
  • right against self-incrimination
  • freedom of religion and press
  • equality of all persons before the law
  • no judgment touching life, liberty or property but by jury trial
  • abolition of capital punishment except for murder
  • no military conscription of conscientious objectors
  • no monopolies, tithes, or excise taxes
  • taxation proportionate to real or personal property
  • grading of punishments to fit the crime
  • abolition of imprisonment for debt
    Taken from

I know there are SOME irrelevancies but not many, John Lillburne was a man of his time, and i understand the history of the time put religion highest on the agenda. If you feel that you need religion, then that is your right but the crux of the matter is this. Never since these days have we been so oppressed. never since these days has the rich poor divide been so blatantly obvious to the world.

When we were born we were free, it wasnt until our REGIStration that we became the fucking servants we are, and it wasnt through our choice. Today is April 1st. The mass murdering Tories should be put in the dock for the way they have steamrollered over peoples feelings, ailments and impediments. WE ALL have a right to food shelter/housing/ a living wage. We all have a right to express our feeling but we cant. Will I be censored? I doubt it I have an ace up my sleeve and im about to fucking play it

The revolution will not be televised

England is being held in a vise like grip on the verge of totalitarianism like she has never known before.
Social engineering is whipping up a frenzied hate campaign and only the strongest will survive in the Cameron Regime. Every tactic that can be used is being used as they plunder public purses and sell off to private corporations.
This isn’t a democracy, it has become a tyrannical regime which seeks to blame the oldest weakest and most in need whilst allowing private corporations to steal out the country with the massive corporate tax breaks which they have been entitled to. If you are divorced you can say goodbye to your kids, has been replaced by if you are poor you can say goodbye to your kids, your houses your freedom and your liberty,
If you are old you can say good bye to your spouse as one elderly man who shall not be named discovered recently.
If you speak out you can be in fear of your freedom and living benefits…Just remember mr Cameron, ‘The revolution will not be televised!’

And so the breakdown of the human race ensues

Time for a rant!

I haven’t written for quite some time, or rather I haven’t blogged. It seems I suffer from lack of motivation. I have started  my first book though, its slow going. Ive got a great idea for it and I have some ideas on producing it in a different way from how  an author would  usually try to get published.

However since the family court debacle life has been fairly sweet and sour in a mixture of different ways, for I have learnt the art of distraction! Its so easy to get distracted from your task at hand, and theres pretty good reason to feel distracted right now what,with those fucking Tories dismantling our country and attacking the poorest, Oldest, sickest, and weakest in society… They tried a tax on pasties, but those clever cornish people said ‘ahhh but Mr Ginster wouldnt like that!’ So they scrapped it, after all pasty’s are okish but shit on me if im gonna be taxed for eating one ill have a pie instead!

And then came the bedroom tax!  Yes the juxta position of the mansion tax which it was claimed would be impossible to administer..its sooo much easier to attack those with a spare room that are poor because we are just slaves huh?

Yes i understand that there shouldnt be under occupancy in a house..after all my spare bedroom for my children doesnt count because I dont get any benefits for them..well fuck-a-doodle ill just breach my contact order shall I?

Words cannot describe how pathetic this country has become, some days I have to starve myself in order to feed my children, and when I hear the absolutely ludicrous media attacks claiming people are earning bigger dole checks than people working, I have to laugh. I live on just over 50 quid a week, I seem unable to get a job and honestly the social engineering behind this getting a job malarky is astounding. Jim morrison once said ‘wheres the new wine, its dying on the vine’ or at least according to the oliver stone movie he did anyway. the bastardification of the welfare system is bad news, not for those on benefits (of course it is) but for those in the upper echelons of society.

200 years ago fear of revolution was huge in Britain, however we were pacified as the basic needs of the poor slowly became appeased. We were the workshop of the world and not in heavy debt..until the Napoleonic wars, when a certain Rothschild managed to swindle the powers that be into creating a national debt.
From that point onwards however reform was made to help those in the poorest positions of society. Voting, the ability to feed, clothe and home ourselves was a possibility. Now the silly buggers are removing it all again in the hope that we all go to work at poundland and Tescow’s for free. Times are testing, and believe me when I tell you that if the welfare system, public health and education continues to be stripped down to replace it for a war in a virtually non existant terrorist threat in far off countries the people are going to kick  off! You cant starve and remove people the way that is being done for them not to get mad, the pot is simmering right now, give it 6 months and I dont think that mansion tax will seem like such a bad idea when faced with a dodgily made diy guillotine..Do you?


Stand still slave, you can no longer rave

or walk in a group

‘just drink your fucking soup You jobless worthless piece of mindless poop’

Work sleep watch tv blame the different groups but dont blame me.’

medicate, dictate, separate, complicate

keep the sheeple forever fearing,

just a little social engineering.


its difficult to conceive how i could ever achieve the kind of love you want from me, guess ill just be plain old me.
And days are nights and nights are days a camera through the summer haze, a picture that can amaze, cos you belong to me.
I could spend eternity explaining what you mean to me but best way to let you see, is not so far from thee, a candid thought, a token gesture, many things that could suggest ya, guess the best thing is the picture in my heart and me.

its difficult t…

its difficult to conceive how i could ever achieve the kind of love you want from me, guess ill just be plain old me.
And days are nights and nights are days a camera through the summer haze, a picture that can amaze, cos you belong to me.
I could spend eternity explaining what you mean to me but best way to let you see, is not so far from thee, a candid thought, a token gesture, many things that could suggest ya, guess the best thing is the picture in my heart and me.

its difficult t…

for my muse

My mood was dark and you brighten my day,
With your gorgeous smile and special way,
I wonder how this woman could show such a deep and proud evanescent glow
I struggle to find a way out of my knowledge
That I’m falling around in that love strong courage
So long have I felt alone and apart no way could any female ever again steal my heart
Then you came along with your prominent gaze
 I’m feeling the grip of your womanly ways
How can I escape this temptation of love?
Gently I submit because you fit like a glove

The best of times, the worst of times

Forgive me for the plaigarism taking place, but the last i checked..Dickens was dead, however his words resonate through my mind so much these days…

Ive been quiet for quite a while, and for good reason: I realised i had a lot to sort out in my own life, and have been working on this, volunteering, seeing my kids on a fortnightly basis and concentrating on the many activities i have surrepticiously taken up. I guess its been a kind of a build back up process after all the knocking down. I do still question everything on a hourly basis, but being able to see the kids makes things all worth it again. Even if the contact is somewhat dripfed by the mindless family courts. Black and white with no grey areas is the way it is i guess.

I never made it to the big demo in Cambridgeshire, nor to the one outside Buckingham palarse. I should go i know but whats the point when all it will do is get me arrested and branded a terrorist? I have too much to lose and i dont want that, the anger left me a long time ago, instead ive started to take a step outside of society and have dusted off this age old window pane and can peer in, at what is happening. I believe we have all become slaves, in some manner or another..or maybe we always were. Slavery has evolved you get your corporate slaves and your state slaves nowall tied to the same old economics that existed hundreds if not thousands of years ago. These times of austerity highlight it greater than at any other time..Everyones feeling the pinch. I warned in an earlier blog that if the basic essentials were taken away from the people a new form of revolution would occur, ive witnessed the London riots..and was asked by the media where my kids were? Go fuck yourselves..seriously you patronising Tory twats! So this is big society?

The place where one group is set upon by another, people walking around angry blaming each other, calling each other terrorists, and other nasty names..Really! I dont want to war with other countries, and the knowledge that the bankers are receiving big bonuses whilst people are starving in the streets, where tent communities are appearing outside our great nation states, scared to say they need help..I had 3 hair strand tests costing 3k to have, despite my admitting my need for help..What i could have done with that 3k to put myself right would have been enough to move me out of this poverty trap onto the road of  recovery.. You know what i got stoned cos life was shit, and it allowed me to have humour at my im straight life is still shite! Still my money is all taken up by bills and now i can no longer laugh at the ridiculousness of society..Now i have to breath that austerity with absolute contempt. You know i laugh at the ridiculousness of it all..These actors being self important, telling me im wrong, whilst blaming me, whilst in the same breath condemning all to a life of poverty whilst they are given massive corporate tax breaks, and expenses enough to run a second home.. But the laughter subsides after so much of it. When another war is ensued with another people i have absolutely no ill will toward, and the rich bankers reward themselves with another fat bonus check..So this is big society? Id rather stay little, at least i can still say i have a concience..

PS make the most of it, your shit house will be coming down soon too!