10 years experience in computers, with an extensive knowledge of many programs. Troubleshooting. Web design. Development of online museums. Remote assistance.Writing blogs poetry, historical biographical and childrens stories. Househusband for 9 years.

I am beginning to feel the need for a strong political force to help with the separation process. Mediation between the poorest couples is a necessity and delay or lack of compromise should be looked at in a bad way. Help and support to move into a  position to best help both financially and emotionally

Divorce reform and parental equality = parentalism This is the greater good of the children

The above was written when i first started to really feel the need to write, Ive now woken up and can see how the marxist writings are being served alongside fascism as a way which can enslave us to a modern day fascist/communist state. The 2 after all are so intertwined they are a circle. They are so indoctrinated into our society and fear is such an exclusive tool that we all use it amongst ourselves. We are but legal slaves in a world of feminazi marxists….Or are we just being used by this tool by a few? I think we have all become victims and i do not recognise the authority it pretends to have

Tim Mattock

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