The return of the blog

Well, hasn’t the last 3 years dragged on. The truth is, there is only so much ranting one can do in a day. And i have pretty much sung from the same song sheet throughout. My political stance is Anarchy. I need no leader and do not wish to lead either.

The world has become farcical in its integrity and non-committal bordering on communist in its truth giving. Having looked into the idea of contagious disease. Most of it is likely mythological as well. What an utter balls-up we have made of the world.

Divide and conquer is absolutely the greatest tool being used, whilst we are being slowly poisoned and injected with fear. Pissed on by the big club and told that it’s raining. Asked to bend over a bit further whilst government fucks us all a little bit harder with with its double ender of agenda driven politics and candid white lies.

I am absolutely sick to the teeth of the absolute shite spewing out of our television sets, telling us what to think, and how to feel, a constant narrative flowing seamlessly from one to another whilst those over vaccinated over-medicated golems watch 24/7 fear porn hypnotically telling you what the latest fabricated news story is. Meanwhile giving an endless torrent of bullshit outbreaks slowly steering us toward the final goal. TOTAL ANNHILATION!

The truth is, I am pretty much done with it all. Are we too far gone? Will there be any new vision which doesn’t result in anyone dying? I mean if a mass culling of anything should occur then it should be those self appointed technocratic billionaires who think they can own something which is sentient. They cannot and never will succeed. Quite a few will go though. There is a steady war on family values, health. ..oh and get ready for hyper inflation!
The hidden hand has revealed himself and he has the body and soul of a viscous snake that must be removed from the grounds before anybody else gets bitten.

It has come to my realisation that most systems were made and created by eugenicists and as a result their disguised philanthropic intentions can be notched up or down according to their need to depopulate us. There is a real war on the poor going on, but the 10 years of benefits Britain indoctrination has allowed people to leave their genuine care at the doorstep and look to charities to fulfill the agendas with less scrutiny than government. The elderly too are for it. The condition to make elderly think its time to die has begun to creep out the world economic forum propaganda machine. They intend to fulfil this agenda whether its right or wrong. It is wrong, and no Klaud I won’t eat your fucking bugs and yes I WILL BE HAPPY!

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