An open letter to the world’s decision makers

Dear Decision makers of the world, their lobbying allies, members of the control power grid, human farmers of their varying degrees.

Most people like to try and ‘raise awareness’ when they realise the world you have planned for us. Let us just put certain things aside for the good of this article working and being beneficial to you as it is for me to write it.  You see you are completely out of touch with what it is like down here. The effects every decision you have taken has down here. I mean it is likely you are enjoying it all. You had been planning it for quite some time, however I wonder if you have at any point thought to yourselves ‘What if I am wrong?’ I mean have you considered the consequences of what happens if you are wrong?
Have you considered what might happen if your huge plans which involves controlling every element of every single life and killing off anyone that doesn’t agree might do if you have got even 1 single element of your agenda wrong.
Truth becomes more prominent the longer you prolong a huge lie.  To me it is glaringly obvious what the absolute fundamental flaw is with any form of all change is the need for everybody to live an opposite way to that which they want, instead of forced everything must be from personal choice. Nobody should be able to control anyone else without consent.

Every great vision comes with a negative interpretation. I mean a good question is why vaccinate the world when clean and healthy living would reduce illness so much more? Why block out the sun, when simply reinvigorating countries instead of plundering them and expecting us to clean up your mess. Is it that you think the damage you have done in your globalist pursuits shouldn’t be made by you?

NO! You no longer get to decide, when the clear irresponsibility of the actions being taken are so detrimental to so many people. Pay for the mess you made in your globalist pursuits yourselves. Take responsibility for your own actions fix the mess you made. Killing more people because your mistakes are so huge is not the way it should be done.

I am not so blind to not know that our lives have become your concern.. I mean you never have given a flying fuck up until now about anybody or anything, until you are threatened with breaking up your corporations, and suddenly all these wild ideas to either save or kill people come to fruition, just because you have more money though, you aren’t cleverer I just don’t wish to be a part of this corrupt system. So instead of total control, why not consider total choice? You can integrate ai to those who wish it, apply every system with a fundamental rule. No one coerces another to do what they do not wish and nobody interferes in others rights to live their lives either. That works. Why does everybody have to do what only half a country supports when we can have every form of living as a lifestyle choice. Total freedom instead of complete suppression. You could all be Dragons for us and help people to start their new lives.
I mean the Big point for me is this. Your tech, your science your knowledge isn’t that good or great? Most of your summations are frankly retarded and its time for you to put things right for the whole planet and give back in positive ways. Not in ways which gain you more control but in which people can discover their own true power, which is innate and will become stronger the longer you maintain these falsehoods. If you wish to be gods, then do what is right, give us back our own power. It is time!

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