Let Me spell shit out for you. S- H- I- T, 2 weeks to flatten the curve!

That pretty much spells out the over-arching feeling I get at seeing swaths of masked soulless zombies walking past each other nervously. As if any second now the virus is going to double down an aisle and straight up their nostrils.. any second…Now. I really struggle in this reality. This dystopian present which is born out of the fear induced by billionaires probably hard wired to cull the nation.

This is a worldwide hoax, It is the endgame of the globalists, the beginning of the predetermined 4th industrial revolution. Where they merge us with robots, or should i say they merge themselves… They want us dead!

SHOPPING. FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE NOW! Let me tell you about food queues, it is almost certainly a favourite of communist control. Limiting production and removing the basic right to free trade making quota’s on what can be given sold or supplied spells disaster. There is no rationale that makes forcing food queues or shortages ever a good thing. Government needs to stay the fuck away from food quotas, or accept personal liability for the issues they are bringing into the world. But they know this.
Their use of newspeak is formed perfectly over a social engineered century to culminate in this grand theatre of the absurd

Social distancing. First used as a weapon to break an individual’s spirit by the CIA, Used also in communist China it is really disheartening that so few are happy not to question what the actual fact they are doing. To socially isolate humans amounts to fucking torture.

Wearing muzzle’s..Just..JUST FUCK OFF! I can see all the fabulously rich absolutely creasing up with wells of tears at the measures they are putting in place for us . Bill gates probably let’s his Husband Melvyn..or is it Kevin Kline? Sorry, I mean Melinda Gates ..his wife (hahahahahaha). Anyway, I imagine if these billionaires that like fucking kids on an island full of paedo’s then taking advise from them on health is a relatively daft fucking thing to do!
And the scripted objections are absolutely hilarious! I mean Propaganda is rife! Censorship has gone Nazi on the Richter scale, and unless we follow instructions from WHO, which is partially funded by the communist party and Bill Gates (again) then we wear a tinfoil hat!
Who is in charge of this world organisation born from the operation paperclip days? Oh just the Ethiopian health minister that covered up a few epidemics of cholera unleashed on the unsuspecting children of Ethiopia, Tedros the then health minister thought it was a bit of diarrhea, and dismissed it. He was perfect to employ at the head of this festering nazi invention of world domination, seeking top down total control. He was always perfect for the head of the who, that destroyer of lives , and tool of the eugenicists to fulfil their masterplan. What’s the betting he received a back hander or 2 for his unquestioning compliance

Is this the new normal? No actually you have been even further brainwashed with neural linguistic programming designed to make you love your masters, as planned by the Tavistock institute and programmed into your subservience by the masters you so wish to follow. .. Actually. You know the ones that all appear to fuck kids? Who are telling us what to do. THEM. You prefer to listen to men unqualified in any way to do anything accept control and kill off the weakest of the populace, than hear the voice of someone able to critically question what your government mandates you to do this week. Someone that statistically should have been dead , what with the benefits system turning into a full scale population cull. Yes i can tell you this lockdown and ridiculous measures have left me trapped in a Bentham styled panopticon prison where Karen reminds me to social distance, and young billy likes to inform me that I am mad to think that some rich cunt probably made all of this up.
You can’t catch a virus. Look into the versions of history not controlled by a foundation head of the killanthropy farce. Instead, try to understand the person who wants you vaccinated is no better qualified than you or I? His background is dodgy as fuck.. and anyone that says ‘Vaxiine’ whilst he wrings his hand, must truly be evil incarnate, sorry Bill, monopolies will not be left to you any longer.. You dodgy fuck!

No life was far from normalin the old normal.. so this new creation really isn’t much better. As i say, I know the truth. It was all a big fucking lie from day one. It was a bigger lie for the last 140 years. Where Germ and virus theory took over from the prevalent view that disease is caused by things such as war, famine drought and fear injected into you 24/7 on the telly, in the papers and now anywhere we actually try to look. Totalitarianism of the new normal is far from my expectations.. I’m getting that boat and fucking off asap Rocky!

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