Smokers! The cravings we get in our brains are not nicotine, they are amino acid deficiencies!

Yes that is a very brave statement to make! How dare I?
Am i a doctor? No! That is why I am telling you this, without fear, I cold-turkied nicotine and trampled over tobacco

I couldn’t believe it when i hadn’t had a cigarette for 2 days. I was climbing the walls, but i didn’t want to ask for any. Trying to keep a level keel. I was testing some supplements and they were pretty useful so far.

I took my amino’s from Bright Presence and that feeling of absolute need for a cigarette went in seconds! I don’t mean it came back it went and it stayed gone! Could I ? No, c’mon Tim everyone agree’s you are possibly the crabbiest person in the world without a morning cigarette!

Well, Yes i am, I have to admit I am the crabbiest, most irritable, grumpy, mouthy individual I have the dis-pleasure to know, especially when i haven’t had a morning cigarette! Yet here i was, Empty cupboards, messy house, no cigarettes and my amino supplement literally took all that noncense away. I didn’t care! Or rather, I did care, I cared a lot!

Now Obviously I wanted to take these supplements to understand the product a little better.really get myself into what it is that I am actually promoting. Giving up nicotine though? That was never on my agenda! It wasn’t on any of the labels, or the packaging either.

Anyway, There is a little research out there.. Look up amino acid depletion in smokers. Was i feeling any difference after a week without? I ran out of aminos for four days, by the fifth day I felt they were running lower again.

That’s the governments starvation program for you. Life on benefits keeps you just below broke so whilst awaiting the top ups the sufferance was great again but, I am happy to say that I maintained the lack of need for a cigarette, and even started to feel a little motivated! . Although still smoking I wasnt overly fussed,, twiddling my thumbs a little but my health and vitality have started to come back in ways… well, in ways I couldn’t remember. I decided on monday, just gone would be the date to give up smoking tobacco, I got some bushbacca, basically pretend stuff and just stopped.. But not on the monday, as planned, but last friday before(28th Feb2020)!

I feel Fine, I rode out the first 72 hours with relative ease but have been finding I am struggling with an overactive mind! At the moment I am happy not to smoke, it was an unexpected surprise and my state of mind has been much better since.

So from 3 weeks ago when I first started taking these supplements, I have stopped smoking for five days, I even started painting.. Small steps and all that. I am beginning to think that my brain injury is completely poverty based and unless i want to die slowly, whilst waiting for it, i need to do something drastic!

The amino supplements from Bright presence are an absolute must get if you feel that normal routes are helping in any way. The main categories of people that take amino supplements are bodybuilders and vegans, but we can list so many other ailments and deficiencies that can be treated by inputting what we need supplemented by amino supplements.
Order your pack Here

Take a look at my last 2 blogs on how I got to where I am now, and more information on Bright presence and your amino supplements! Back soon

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