Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me… For me.. FOR MEEEEEEEEE!

Throwback Thuirsday.. Things improve all the time, if you stop throwing your inate power at people that frankly do not give a fuck about you. Your anger becomes their energy.. Not yours, you become a battery to other peoples creations. Systems are outdated for this world.. We must all go back to the drawing board.. on so many things.. That is all.. I may well archive all this old crap and start a new chapter in my life. Stick around this shits just gone and got interesting.

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And you!
I have been reasonably quiet for quite some time. October was my last entry, since I have been busily trying to do nothing  but sit up all night and peep through the crack of my curtain at 11:30 in the morning, George Osborne prejudice styley. I fail at this side of things miserably.. FFS I cant even be a good scrounger, how shit is that?

It seems society is created in order to kill your spirit in one way or another. Like a well oiled machine without any wheels or ability to act. Until someone comes along to push that start button (and they are on minimum wage sporting a degree in astro physics).
I have never known such poverty at the bottom, of which ..within this country I must fall into. I could curse having the brain to think, as before I gained a half decent awareness…

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