Ernest’s Last dig for victory

For purposes of protection of the individual, names have to be excluded until Justice has been done.

Imagine achieving over 50 years of marriage, and not being able to celebrate it with you’re loved One. Imagine being separated and banned from seeing your soul mate by a care home until they die. Threatened in the secret family courts with no legal representation and to be arrested if you show up, have your assets seized and threatened with imprisonment. Not only this but not being able to understand or communicate with the “people” providing this so called professional public service.
Unfortunately this is the true story of Ernest John Coles, and his beloved wife Maggie who ended up in a nursing home with apparent dementia. Ernest is an 85 year old partially deaf illiterate pensioner up against a multi-million pound profit making charity one of the leading care providers in Britain run by money making monsters who believe they are above the law and which must remain anonymous to avoid being gagged, a GP who was found with skulls buried in his back garden, and a social services lie which is completely unfounded (Although we are seeking information and evidence for said allegation, nothing is immediately forthcoming).

Around 18 months ago, I wrote a blog on Ernest john Coles, it hit 6000 views in less than 3 days, Uk column gave an interview in which Ernest poured out his heart and told the world he wanted to see his Maggie, one last time before her pending demise in a care home that dragged out for 4 years defying the  predictions of professionals who quote “ expected her to die in 2009”. This particular care home which likes to gag anyone wanting to question their authority banned Ernest and took out a court order to keep him away and allow them to continue holding maggie in this elderly cattle run.  You may be questioning the whole scenario by now; It was also astounding the amount that would say, ‘hold on a minute why? He must have done something wrong?’

No, he didn’t, however he did question the care given to his wife and complained. Getting a ban from the care-home is easy if you are a huge national corporation because you guessed it; There’s money in old people. Ernest was illiterate, due to the country wide dig for victory campaign during the war. Remember that time; when fellow Beings looked out for one another, cared for those in vulnerable states and weren’t stifled from speaking out when something is wrong. What he gained in practical knowledge was lost because he was having to help his fellow man at another time of crisis. oh and he was deaf too. So must have really struggled with what was happening.

The campaign hit its heights at that point…. A petition was drawn up and Ernest spent day in, day out in all weathers campaigning to see his wife one last time on their Emerald wedding anniversary. He gained over 10,000 signatures of support these signatures were kept in the bottom drawer of the local MP’s office B__ B______.
Poor Ernest had another day in court for his campaigning and was told unless everything was pulled down he would end up in prison and never see his beloved wife again, he had after all featured on the UK column with Mick Harby and Brian Gerrish in an interview that was ordered down by the care provider. The peoples voice TV channel were even too scared to tell his story, however Sonia Poulton while working for that station did a live interview with Ernest’s carer the night Maggie passed away.

Throughout all of this, the very fact that so many linked authorities were fighting to keep Ernest away from the love of his life must be questioned. The medicines Maggie was being treated with at no point were questioned as side effects to her illnesses and ailments, nor did anyone have to answer because it is all kept secret in these courts..Well lets face it, Social workers, Police, multi-national corporations, M.P’s and all the other agencies involved never lie do they? (I am of course being ironic, they all lie and manipulate, to such a degree that most of the time we struggle to know what the truth is!) It is now time that their story was told and the secret family courts put to test.Ernest must have a final dig for victory, and he needs our help!

The ban is now void as Maggie’s strong Irish heart finally stopped beating in the Emerald years of their marriage after lying isolated in a room for 4 years. RIP Maggie. The night Ernest was invited to say goodbye to Maggie on the night of her death, she defied predictions for the 3rd time and her heart continued to beat, Ernest went back in the morning to see her one last time and hold her hand and tell her that he loved her, however he ended up being escorted by police to a cell in Launceston prison for the night where he lay cold, crying and lonely wondering if Maggie had left this earth, he informs me that they were good enough to offer him a pasty. He was Called back to court the next day to stand in front of the same judge that condemned him in the first place, Ernest was released without charge and never got to see Maggie again.

We are now in the process of raking through the medical notes from when she was first diagnosed with dementia. We have a lawyer who has written to the care provider and Dr in question, but they have completely ignored this request. We are not giving up as we believe there is something that needs digging up and need your help. I have studied some of the medical notes, although we still await the 4 years Maggie was resident at this particular elderly death camp care Home with no response.we have filed an investigation report to PALS for answers and evidence from the specialists concerned, she was on a cocktail of drugs including samvastasin

The palliative care of the oldest, weakest and most frail is a human right, not a privilege. How we, as a people tend and care for these people determines how we are deemed as a society. We need to look within ourselves and decide when enough is enough. When will people realise that unless we speak out en-masse it will happen to us next?

Throughout the writing of the article, the words of Martin Niemöller ring true. First they came for… Here’s what he would say now. First they came for the children, and I never spoke out because I wasn’t a Parent, then they came for the old, and I never spoke out because I wasn’t old, then they came for the weak, but I never spoke out because I wasn’t weak, and then they came for the disabled, and I never spoke out because I wasn’t disabled, and then they came for me…And there was no-one left to speak out for me.

Don’t let this become a reality, Don’t ever close your eyes to the sick methods of social engineering which are occurring, if you can do one thing which can make a difference, let your support for this poor man getting justice happen with immediate effect, we desperately need donations and contributions to help with his court costs, Ernest has made up some christmas cards in order to spread awareness and raise money needed you can order from his Facebook page

To join Ernest’s army please visit and like his facebook page ….watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Ernest’s Last dig for victory


  2. timmattock says:

    Reblogged this on Tim mattock's Blog and commented:

    There is a lot lot more to this than initially meets the eye, please share far and wide, lets lift the lid on this corrupt system

  3. Reblogged this on Carole… and commented:
    I’ve been following Ernest and Maggie’s story these past few years.
    Hopefully we all grow old and when we do we want nothing but respect, peace, comfort and the love of those dearest to us. Maggie and Ernest were robbed of this. Please help him to get justice for the love of his life. Thank you.x

  4. Tim says:

    Great piece of writing Tim, it adds quite a few bits and pieces that I wasn’t aware of already. I was particularly interested to hear that MP B- B- had the signatures in his draw. This MP is FULLY aware of how dishonest and dodgy the company concerned are, having already been quizzed about their bad practices on BBC SW in February 2013. When confronted with blatant evidence of diabolical treatment, incompetence and lies by the company in relation to a constituent’s housing dispute, he did little more than raise a “surprised” eyebrow.

    • timmattock says:

      A surprised eyebrow? I bet it was shock that he would even be questioned. Politician poly=many Tics= blood sucking parasites. Cant say any more really. Justice must be seen to be done and in saying nothing, even bigger questions must be answered

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