Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me… For me.. FOR MEEEEEEEEE!

And you!
I have been reasonably quiet for quite some time. October was my last entry, since I have been busily trying to do nothing  but sit up all night and peep through the crack of my curtain at 11:30 in the morning, George Osborne prejudice styley. I fail at this side of things miserably.. FFS I cant even be a good scrounger, how shit is that?

It seems society is created in order to kill your spirit in one way or another. Like a well oiled machine without any wheels or ability to act. Until someone comes along to push that start button (and they are on minimum wage sporting a degree in astro physics).
I have never known such poverty at the bottom, of which ..within this country I must fall into. I could curse having the brain to think, as before I gained a half decent awareness.. I was blissfully unaware of the fate of our beings as a race.
These days all I see is an agenda packed rhetoric from very rich people telling everyone else to point the finger of blame in any direction than at them (Mainly  poor,unemployed, sick or elderly people). The art of distraction, forever directing the shift of blame away from those that are really to blame for our situation.  It’s not the unemployed or the sick, or the infirm. It isn’t the people that are genuinely struggling. It is those that nobody is talking about in the media. ‘The Have’s’. I knew about those bastards a long time ago, but for a while I thought that maybe just maybe one day I would join them. So I happily strived in a low wage, or lowly position before boredom sunk in, and i would end up back on the dole again, or sick from overwork.. These days, it is hunger since the supermarkets put prices up reduced the size of the packets and my basic giro stretched to it’s already unlivable amount became even less. Those on a basic salary glance enviously across because it doesn’t matter how many hours you work, it’s still not enough to touch the sides of basic living standards needed today.
What I find really strange, and outlandish is the way in which people instantly jump on the attack rhetoric. T.V doesn’t help, well why would they? Most of the guys in charge want a knighthood so will follow their paymasters orders or lose the opportunity to gain their usually lifelong ambitions of kissing the queens ring.

Doesn’t really matter, to be honest they will all get eaten alive in the pits of hell. What I really want to do now is fuck off. Say adios, toodle loo, arrive derci society stick your constructed application and opinion where the sun doesn’t shine… And a voice whispers in my ear…’ Oh you’ll go to hell for that one!’ Actually, I am already there.
On a final not RIP Tony Benn here’s to you, at your best

3 thoughts on “Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me… For me.. FOR MEEEEEEEEE!

  1. Excellent speech, a very varied intense array of topics discussed, crammed a lot in 19 mins!

  2. timmattock says:

    Reblogged this on Tim mattock's Blog and commented:

    Throwback Thuirsday.. Things improve all the time, if you stop throwing your inate power at people that frankly do not give a fuck about you. Your anger becaomes their energy.. Not yours, you become a battery to other peoples creations. Systems are outdated for this world.. We must all go back to the drawing board.. on so many things.. That is all.. I may well archive all this old crap and start a new chapter in my life. Stick around this shits just gone and got interesting.

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