On this Journey

On this journey I have wondered; through the forest and the field, and the road to where I am now. I have discovered I am often wrong, been told that I am wrong, rarely have I been shown that I am wrong. This in the main is because I do not nor have I ever vehemently disputed. It is hugely because of my tactic of allowing the others to speak. Taking on board what I am told but not necessarily accepting it. Who am I to tell them that they are wrong and I am right? Who am I to argue with that ‘person’ and destroy their perception of the world? Perhaps they are right, perhaps not.It is only once you have travelled my forest, field and road you could possibly perceive my point of view and I certainly wouldn’t wish that path for anybody.

It is because I cannot claim that I am right that I don’t accept or reject anything except perhaps pretty much everything. I do not ever throw that knowledge away, however to see where I come from you need to strip down everything you know, unlearn everything and realise that what we live is a preconditioned societal construct.

I have tried to extrapolate certain preconditioning words from my vocabulary. I’m not perfect at this and fall down the ‘I need’ and ‘I want’ path all too often, before correcting myself. One word I do disenfranchise with great vigour is the word, ‘beLIEve’. It does you see have the word LIE in it, and for very good reason. As soon as one accepts that belief, they begin to reject all other arguments. This limits perception. Disenfranchises opinions that are equally as important as your own; In short I’m unlearning everything. Hey opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one!

So it leads to the next step, that of original thought and original opinion. Thinking for your selves without being boxed in by some age-old academic opinion. In my honest way of thinking all the great philosophers did this;

  1. Somebody who studies philosophy, somebody who seeks to understand and explain the principles of existence and reality
  2. Thinking person a thinker who deeply and seriously considers human affairs and life in general
  3. Calm and rational person somebody who reacts calmly and rationally to events, especially adversity
    Encarta Dictionary English (U.K.) philosopher (noun)

I would also add to this it is someone who is able to create that original thought from which the foundations of an idea originates. If you get a degree in philosophy however, you are expected to use other philosophers to back your argument up. This is where academia chokes original thought. Where it chokes the individual of creativity for it does not allow you to think. It is also important to know that a philosopher and philosophy have very different meanings.
Well, if you need any clarification why not comment 🙂 Original thought begets original thought, and this is a tough concept to tackle!

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