While England sleeps

Today can be viewed much worse than yesterday. It is another day in which the Tories squeeze their vice like grip on the poorest, frailest and most vulnerable in society.
Reform just like revolution goes full circle. Mixed with all the bastard ideologies, and social engineering which is induced to distract the crowds from what is really going on.Systematic governmental asset stripping compounded with forced labour. Facism, communism, marxism, statism, corporate facism, commercialism.

When the Tories came in, they promised deregulation. The only deregulation i see is that of acts to do with human rights. Whilst they endorse their own cronies and fellow corporate structures they ignore the peoples need.
When big trade and industry was stopped by Thatchers government a host of new rules were introduced that would have been stopped had the miners and dockers still had their big union power. No the opposite has come about. From going from being able to strike up a 3 day week, it now takes both man and woman working full time to be able to  just about survive. Whilst the cost of living has risen enormously, the living wage has stayed the same or gone down, the corporate bloodhounds mercilously cyphon the last of the cash off to the cayman islands, trickle down effect failing miserably and being called a flood out effect. Say goodbye to England, for she is dying.

Whilst she dies, she drowns slowly in debt.Its time to cast out the bankers, remove the corporate entities and start to grow our own again. Invest in renewable and free energy and ensure that noone is ever left out again. For food shelter heating and lighting fresh clean water and air are a fundamental right not a privelege. I had a long discussion with a newly found friend. We spent several hours discussing doctors and the knowledge doctors have of Eugenics. In many ways it can be assumed they must know. In reality they are repeaters in the same manner as most other academic subjects are repeating. No independant thought before you graduate having regurgitated other academics who set rules and boundaries to forever stay in control of creative and individual thought.
It seems a general assumption that we could not live and sustain our 7 billion population.Remove the bankers and large corporation, deregulate  and abolish all acts reconstitute a statute as a measure of common law and we have an acceptable legal system.
Farmers either grow staple crops and cattle or return the land  to the people. Every man woman and child could have a piece of land if shared out equally..lets deregulate and see what we can do
For whilst England sleeps, the Elite are intent on making economic slavery return to chained. This time they dont care what colour you are. They dont care that you want a family, or if you are old or disabled, infirm or a child. You will either contribute or bare the mark for a lifetimes personification of a slave.

Return the land to the people level the land, level the income level the cost replace industry with industry not a welfare state.
People of England, wake up!

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