Is Peaceful demonstration psy op?

“How many bastards make their buck in an English country garden?
i’ll tell ya now of some that i know and those i miss i’m sure you’ll pardon
Politicians and industrialists, bankers, bent scientists, chief constables, generals all the gentry and their brats will dance on the wall when the bastards fall in an English country garden”
Dirty Davey intro poem The Levellers

My question is fairly simple. Given that a high degree of anger is hitting the streets these days and something we have always been told is that we shouldnt get violent or rough and the only way to demonstrate is peacefully why the hell have we not gotten anywhere? If the only way is peaceably then why is our ability to demonstrate so fucking shite. John lennon once said that we shouldnt get violent, as violence begets violence. []

However historically the only real form of true revolution or change has come from the masses  going in and hanging every single last bloody one of them. So ill put it to you..Peaceful demonstration is a psy op produced to stop us getting to them. Id like to see change, people are getting mad and if something isnt done fast the very fabric of existance will be lost to us all Feel free to comment
Meantime heres Dirty Davey 🙂


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