The New Levellers

No i’m not talking about that rather funky band heralding from Brighton in the 90’s. Im talking about the first Decent and proper act of civil disobedience in British history, The levellers.
You see things haven’t changed too much in the last C.350 years they’ve just become more complex.

Included in the Agreement of the People (1649):

  • right to for all people to vote for their representatives
  • right against self-incrimination
  • freedom of religion and press
  • equality of all persons before the law
  • no judgment touching life, liberty or property but by jury trial
  • abolition of capital punishment except for murder
  • no military conscription of conscientious objectors
  • no monopolies, tithes, or excise taxes
  • taxation proportionate to real or personal property
  • grading of punishments to fit the crime
  • abolition of imprisonment for debt
    Taken from

I know there are SOME irrelevancies but not many, John Lillburne was a man of his time, and i understand the history of the time put religion highest on the agenda. If you feel that you need religion, then that is your right but the crux of the matter is this. Never since these days have we been so oppressed. never since these days has the rich poor divide been so blatantly obvious to the world.

When we were born we were free, it wasnt until our REGIStration that we became the fucking servants we are, and it wasnt through our choice. Today is April 1st. The mass murdering Tories should be put in the dock for the way they have steamrollered over peoples feelings, ailments and impediments. WE ALL have a right to food shelter/housing/ a living wage. We all have a right to express our feeling but we cant. Will I be censored? I doubt it I have an ace up my sleeve and im about to fucking play it

5 thoughts on “The New Levellers

  1. Wise, relevant words Tim.

  2. Freeborn Sean says:

    Change is in the air dude

  3. timmattock says:

    Thanks mate, Fact is many of the new movements including money free need to gather momentum.. I wanna see true equality it wont happen with the same bastards dictating right and mostly wrong.
    I went for a walk and it just hit me THE NEW LEVELLERS look em up 🙂

  4. timmattock says:

    Too right the Freebornmobile

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