The revolution will not be televised

England is being held in a vise like grip on the verge of totalitarianism like she has never known before.
Social engineering is whipping up a frenzied hate campaign and only the strongest will survive in the Cameron Regime. Every tactic that can be used is being used as they plunder public purses and sell off to private corporations.
This isn’t a democracy, it has become a tyrannical regime which seeks to blame the oldest weakest and most in need whilst allowing private corporations to steal out the country with the massive corporate tax breaks which they have been entitled to. If you are divorced you can say goodbye to your kids, has been replaced by if you are poor you can say goodbye to your kids, your houses your freedom and your liberty,
If you are old you can say good bye to your spouse as one elderly man who shall not be named discovered recently.
If you speak out you can be in fear of your freedom and living benefits…Just remember mr Cameron, ‘The revolution will not be televised!’

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