Things are stirring in the Camps

Like a ticking timebomb which goes dorment under rubble, i do believe things are going to seriously ‘kick off’ soon. As People continue to clamour over the rubble that is Broken Britain.

I applaud Matt O’Connor’s Hunger 4 justice campaign, I can Imagine David Cameron having to keep his curtains drawn as he tries to feed his children their boiled eggs with the purple F4J Banners flying outside his breakfast room window..
‘What are they doing Daddy?’ his children will wish to know. What would his reply be? I imagine being a politician he will try and skirt the issue the same as he skirts most issues..As all politicians appear to do nowadays. I wont be joining the protest myself, ill be seeing my children this weekend and as you know..Kids come first. There is another element also insofar as to say im really skinny and dont think a hunger strike would be the best thing for me to do unless size zero suddenly becomes the norm for geezers too, hell im a slave to the welfare system every day is a hunger strike for me!

I do however wish Matt and the f4j crew all the best, I have absolutely no doubt that itll get under their skin, thick as it may be 🙂 I also feel really bad because advice, and very good advice that they gave me..To dump my solicitor and go it alone simply wasnt a feasible option for me..firstly Financial. I would never have the money for personal litigation. My only option was to apply for legal aid. Secondly spiritually crushed . I just wasnt in a good enough place, as is the case whenever my kids get brought into the equation since the demise of my marriage. The very thought of the whole situation burns at my very soul. Thirdly, Im finally starting to get somewhere..Very slowly i admit. I have however started to get somewhere.

In getting there i did have to admit to not being perfect…Something a kindergartener could have told you without too much difficulty, but the improvement feels oh so much sweeter

End of day one of the f4j hunger for justice campaign, and i really feel like i should be there. It seems that things will be going for some duration, howwever press for the campaign is slow in coming through and i guess there is an air of scepticism which will lift as the campaign goes into its later stages.

It must be an eerie feeling for Cameron with Matt sat outside his front room with an intense look on his face. The tories like every party has reneged on their pre election promises and Cameron simply has to pay the price in this most heroic and traditional, if not ambitious activist operations I have heard of in years.All i know is I want to be a part of this. It would be better late than never, and as is often repeated its not for us any longer it is for our children so when they grow up they are not treated in the same manner.

You know i am kinda done with poking flaws in myself as a result of my treatment, i am on my road, my efforts should be commended not put under scrutiny with the threat of my kids used as a tool to make or break me. Its a fundamental that needs addressing. Why denigrate when those parents needing help should and could be easily helped in many cases.

One thing i know is i certainly feel a lot stronger than i did do.  If anything i was pacified in my position before, now im being forced to face the issues head on, i am feeling strong enough to actually do so, at last. I still have a way to go, but hopefully a fairer system can come out of the ashes and the suffering all parents have in divorce can finally be tackled in a more simplistic manner.

One thought on “Things are stirring in the Camps

  1. Simon says:

    Great to see Matt O’conner doing what he does best – having more protests.

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