National union of Human Beings part 2

Oh boy am I in trouble 🙂
I have to question everything, myself, the establishment what im fighting for, and what i sacrifice. I cant give up on my children, yet i believe i have to or i wont ever sort myself out..Can noone see how  wrong this is?

The last posts were maybe a tongue in cheek flip of the bird at the establishment, i wouldnt be me if i didnt do this. Its what ive had to concentrate on throughout the whole episode within the family court process. Im not allowed to concentrate on whats wrong with the system which exists, as i am only but one man. A feckless father with no opinion, no sense of decency or moral fibre..i guess thats possibly what has been really pissing me off. Instead of being able to actually highlight the errors, i have to instead look at myself, why?
Because its me that was caught out like a rabbit in headlights, looking at the fast moving vehicle of justice as it speeds towards me and just like that rabbit im frozen to the spot. Lets hope my metaphorical rabbit is made out of Titanium because im not. Im just flesh and bone Human being in the governments Human livestock programme, and im a dud. Its making me feel like shit, condoning me to meaningless blogs forcing me to hang out with the negativity that is reform or die in my labours.
Yes i see i need to improve my life, i have no doubt about it. I can also see it is going to take a while for you to brainwash me, as i have still my own independant thoughts, the flouride hasnt  started to control me yet, or maybe i am now immune to your nazi elitist bullshit doctrinations evident in every social policy in existance. Every day is a mix of emotions at the moment my natural self is fighting  for its individuality to stay a part of me.

I think maybe im a little too strong to completely sink under any control. Ill get fitter stronger and then i will attack  the reptilian bastards sat in their Ergonomic deckchairs of power with truth, and humanity..whose gonna join me?

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