National union of Human Beings

Tonight I opened a locked blog, its the anniversary of my daughters birthday, its also the anniversary of the removal of myself from my childrens life. I had been told by all involved, you have to wait until it goes to court. By the police, by my solicitors, my mp.  Many great activists advised me DONT let it go to court. I had even been advised  to walk away and i have to say it even occurred to me to do it on a few occasions.

In honesty yes, I have lots to sort out in my life, but my treatment in the courts is only facilitating  my apparent inability to conform, Like i dont have the brains to know that i cant and wont smoke around my kids, its  a done deal, when there is some proper treatment for the drug ill give the bloody stuff up. Im still awaiting someone to provide me with a pill press so i can go on Dragons den and  sell em the first anti oppressant pill..its green in its format 😉

Sorry If im rambling. The thing is im trying to explain why im reposting a locked poem which is entitled ‘Daddy’s going to war’ .

My cousin Prince wills got married last month, the week after i hit 37, I didnt bother watching, Im pretty certain Wills will go out of the picture Like jamie Redknapp stopped playing football when he married Louise  🙂 I have already become a proud member of the pippa Middleton ass appreciation society on facebook! But when i look at how different our lives  have kinda makes me want to puke..So probably lucky i was disinherited and not invited to the wedding.
Instead i went into the woods with my mate and a tarp, a few jammy dodgers and escaped it all..but i am thinking i know what went on, as i found this clip of the occasion

Joking aside, it explains why i have to do something. No it isnt something which i alone can do, nor have i even thought up my own concepts, they have always just been there, in my heart, as with many many others. The knowledge of right and wrong is natural to us, and i feel that i have been through enough crap to decipher such. The apparent ease of removal from my kids lives made me realise a group was badly needed, but my discoveries of the humans i have touched and been blessed in the presence of makes me realise that a new concept is needed. All this conquer and divide bullshit is going to far. In every way there is to denigrate an individual group it is now being done. Its time to have a union of human beings..or maybe union of being human, i havant really thought about it yet.
I will continue part 2 tomorrow ..after my rehearsal for a play next week in Alresford. I appear to have been given a role despite my 3 sessions experience, and must say fitting them all into a few weeks is a fun challenge, message me on twitter if you would like details.

P.s Happy birthday my darling daughter, i hope you had a wonderful day ❤

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