Fathers Lament

So here i am forcing myself to write something, which i have found increasingly difficult to do.
In the 3 years since i  split, i have despite my knowledge, and love for my own children, stood no chance of getting anything sorted. I have to say i think time is running out.

It is frankly way to easy to remove a parent from their childrens lives, and tell the kids oh Daddy doesnt want to know, He is this, he is that, and the fact that the counter argument would never be heard just helps the whole scenario exacerbate the situation. I am on the eve of my daughters 11th birthday, i havant seen them in a month and indeed only spoken on a few occasions since then.
Im told i can take them out of the contact centre now for a whole hour and a half and eventually i will be able to see them more..By the time i get to see them properly without these people  interfering with my relationship with my children to facilitate my lack of contact, we will be relative strangers.

The closest daddy and child relationship we ever could have  had has been ruined and i have been condemned with a label of a drug addict, because i like to smoke weed. Yes i admit its a bad thing which will take me a long time to get around. I have been to see people to help me to give up but i struggle with their logic, and in honesty can see that most of the people that work to help with my recovery are good honest decent people who genuinely want what is best.They have just been slightly misguided.
I spent a lot of this time struggling with what happened to me to such a degree that i began to attack the authorities connected with the family justice system, unfortunately they have no ears.

I have allowed my life to be stripped down ripped to pieces and passed around government department after government department, and tried very hard to be sheeple like and then i discovered the freeman movement.

The people within this movement have rejected the corporate and law societies we live in, and the most amazing thing is, they are happy…Thats not right i think to myself.

Everyone is miserable these days, they work,they consume and they pay taxes for what?  Banks, Hospitals, schools and the military? Did anyone receive huge bonuses from the massive profits declared by the banks this year? Did anyone else actually get anything from these huge institutions that decide the greater good of all..Is this for the greater good of all or just the good of the top echelons.

Did you know that when you registered your child to the government that you actually signed them away to a life of slavery such as you are living yourselves now? That your car isnt owned  by you, nor is anything which has to be registered to government? No? Well thats why they can take everything  away.

What is money but a method to consume and control if this is the case? Last week a friend of mine said ‘Thats it, ive had enough’ and went to go live in the woods. Not an easy thing to do, all those luxuries that need sacrifice. No more mainstream media setting about finding new groups of people to rip into, categorise and then medicate. No more worrying how the pound is doing, whether the euro will survive, whether there will be a job the next day. How he will pay the bills which are becoming more and more expensive.

Worldwide people are being financially squeezed as well as spiritually crushed. It cannot continue much longer, and its not even our debt, its the bloody bankers! Its the governments, but like in a casino, the house will always win and you will always be left picking up the crap with a bloodied nose whilst the bouncers tell you ‘we had to rip you off, for your own good.’

In the meantime i have been left dry mouthed and gagging to find myself with things i enjoyed 20 years ago. The replacement therapy i have strapped myself into seeking to find out what the fuck is wrong with me. Ill tell you all whats wrong with me..All of the above, my soul was eaten by the family court system, and my heart devoured by people with fucking clipboards.

I cant help but feel a little bit pissed off about it all because really all i wanted to ever  do was be a good sheeple, unfortunately the wolves know that whilst they have me penned in and can denigrate me as a bad man i will never ever be anything to anyone ever again.

So is it my turn to finally say ‘up yours’ to all these people who clearly dont give a care about anything. Most of them are no more than government stools anyway. People to wield the axe whilst the corporate monarch sits back in his ergonomically crafted  deckchair sipping wine produced in some distant place by workers on no more money than i got for pocket money as a kid.

When you feel like i do, after running the mill, after 3 years of fight with no progress, you have to ask yourself why?  Obviously woods are not the most appealing place in the world but if it gives me back my sanity quicker than  conformity gives me back my kids then i have to strongly consider it to be my only option. Final hearing next month, i do hope that im completely wrong and something half viable will be arranged. Anarchy is a very sweet answer to all these issues and our numbers are growing

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