So the new fit and active life begins, mainly i’m running again. I used to love running  but fitness died as my teenage years drew to an end.
I went to the gym today for my initiation..i have to say it killed me, in oh so many ways. I ran through the tests nice and quickly and did fine on both the running and rowing , however when it came to toning those biceps and god what a bloody killer!! I felt it, without a doubt the vertabrae crunching from my shoulders and spine told me i was doing things unnatural for an almost 37 year old to attempt for the first time. I did the minimal and limped home, returned later and just started to break a sweat on the running when a powercut occurred. I didnt know what to do, i began to Baaa like a sheeple…Luckily a loudspeaker came on and told me not to panic. We have had an electrical power cut it informed me..Thank god for that..
i thought it was the end of the world as i knew it, fortunately being on a running machine i was already penned in, and it was too dark to move from my pen. After 5 minutes the young receptionists voice resonated through the dark corridors of the leisure centre which told us to quietly and calmly leave the building, do not question, do not think and be like good sheeple and whilst we are on the  subject i found this on twitter via a new follower’s blog @spreadthetruth have to say, not only a cracking tune but great lyrics i shall forever link to my power cut at the leisure centre

Life as a sheeple isnt so bad, i just cant do that day in day out. Its fun role playing though, after all we are all just players in a game and we all have our own starring role..I sussed out the formula..I consume and i work and then i consume some more

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