Reform reform reform, why? Its all ‘bollox’ anyway

Ok you may have noticed i have passworded all my former blogs. If you wish to read them you must contact me directly. Before you say im swearing im not  the word ‘Bollox’ is i recently learned the latin phrase for the legal system as a whole.

This is a call to anyone who is a parent, or even if you are a child. When you get into a position that you become the parent you will want what is best for your child. In recent years America, Canada, Australia and particularly Great Britain, as well as other countries appear to be taking advantage of the divorce and separation process.

It appears as if the world is gone just slightly mad for litigation and what is absolutely clear as day to me is that it is causing a rift in human nature. Im talking of course about the procedures and processes of the family court, divorce and the involvement of the state as soon as this process is kicked into action. The whole process is brutal, it kills people, it wrenches loving parents from the lives of their children. IT MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY

What seems obvious to me wont always be so to others, so I will try and explain what I can. You see we are governed these days by many equality laws rightfully so to. Its good to be equal, however when the equality misses out a huge section of people then that is where it all goes wrong. My belief is that along with Race, Gender, Disabled and elderly that a huge one was missing..That of the parent which today is as bigoted and wrong as the time that the sufragettes needed to fight for the voting franchise.

Equal rights in parenting need to be established immediately, without referral without compromise and it needs to overule the gender and race rules because a parent is a mum or a dad, in the future the child will be the parent so it is something which children are incorporated in. No matter what I was put through, no matter how tough life gets I will always love both my parents.

Putting this into context by being labelled a woman, or identifying yourself by the colour of your skin or culture, age or any other are allowing that protocol to exist. True equality surely identifies us all as just human beings..Homo sapien sapien. To have true equality would be to not recognise any of the falsitudes of discrimination.

With this in mind we have to remove in family the biggest inequality. Isnt it funny that in introducing these laws have disjointed the one group that were considered the ones that did the inequalities in the first place..Fair play you may think, we deserve it..NO WE DONT, we did not ask our forefathers to behave in this manner, we are educated and able to see what was wrong, now those that disenfranchised man, are being and acting exactly the same way.

I discovered the inequalities of being a dad when it came to the point of  separation with my wife. No questions of  who the primary carer for the children might be, zero tolerance police policy and a willingness to call police results in one thing removal of the man. I wasnt arrested, I was just removed.

It went downhill from there. I have to thank my landlords for their help, they got me on a level footing..and from being put on your arse, it takes a considerable amount of time to get back to any credible position, much longer than i expected. The absence of my children is like a walking living bereavement. The absence only brings to fruition how truly cruel life could be.

You hit rock bottom, and your told by all that it will be settled in the court..a process which has taken 18 months to get to the first convoluted stages, where i discover all my life’s impediments for the first time..Too groups of people who dont know or have never tried to get to know me as a person….I mean Human being!

Ill tell you more when i have researched further, anyone want to comment let me know

If  you walk into family court be sure to know that it is one huge cash cow and you will feel like shit at the end of the process. I am at the point where i know the damage it is doing to my kids. They know i love them, but to fight for them in a system which looks to openly denigrate the other parent is fundamentally wrong. Along with just about every social policy around today. Our children are being turned into clones or alienated.

Theres a huge emotional role that dad performs in the upbringing of kids, and it is fundamentally as important as the role of the mum. To bring about stable happy children. Wrenching their Mum, Dad or both away is outright child cruelty. It Transcends all genders, all religions, all creeds, wealth can make things more insidious, but at least you can afford a ‘better lawyer’.

So the cash cow will be imploding soon, and in place will be something better. Which allows child support to include emotional responsibility, that stops the suicides before they occur, due to the neglect of the other parent by any local authority.. Now lets think, Isnt making the parent homeless with nothing enough of an issue without the process of family courts. It is an unnescessary process, pitted with huge judicial error, plotted conspiracy, secrecy in courts, written mistakes and adversarial attack. Is this honestly for the greater good of our kids?

And so 18 months down the adversarial court route what have we achieved? Absolutely nothing, as I already knew the contact order wasnt worth the paper it was printed on. There is absolutely no chance of any improvement without enforcing the next contact order.

With this knowledge i have to make a conscientious I continue to fight for my kids in this cruel unfair biased manner..Or do i concentrate my efforts on changing the system for the better? Am i a bad dad because in my heart i know what is being done is fundamentally morally principally more wrong than what the nazis did during the Third Reich. IT IS

Should i honestly spend another 18 months fighting in a system which is looking to remove me as a parent? If changes dont come soon then i will be fighting in this system until they are adult. Shame on you who allows this to occur..Kids i love you and when you can get hold of me so much the better.

In the meantime just remember ITS ALL BOLLOX..and now i know it for real

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