Why Covid-19 is complete Bollocks

The philosopher's stoned

This is the first draft. It is going to be added to as i compile further research, I may even take out the swearwords, but i doubt it!

Virus theory. The idea that something within you can fly out of one body and into another is complete bunk! It comes off the back of Germ theory, also bollocks. The people that have set up their various foundations, didn’t nor have they ever given a flying fuck about any of us. They build foundations because during their lifetime they acquired so much money that they were going to be broken up. Amongst the first was Rockefeller. The oil magnate had monopolised the industry and had to pursue other interests with his vast wealth. Medicine was where he went, along with a few others.

At the time there was great dissent, especially from famous nurses and doctors of the time, such…

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Let Me spell shit out for you. S- H- I- T, 2 weeks to flatten the curve!

That pretty much spells out the over-arching feeling I get at seeing swaths of masked soulless zombies walking past each other nervously. As if any second now the virus is going to double down an aisle and straight up their nostrils.. any second…Now. I really struggle in this reality. This dystopian present which is born out of the fear induced by billionaires probably hard wired to cull the nation.

This is a worldwide hoax, It is the endgame of the globalists, the beginning of the predetermined 4th industrial revolution. Where they merge us with robots, or should i say they merge themselves… They want us dead!

SHOPPING. FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE NOW! Let me tell you about food queues, it is almost certainly a favourite of communist control. Limiting production and removing the basic right to free trade making quota’s on what can be given sold or supplied spells disaster. There is no rationale that makes forcing food queues or shortages ever a good thing. Government needs to stay the fuck away from food quotas, or accept personal liability for the issues they are bringing into the world. But they know this.
Their use of newspeak is formed perfectly over a social engineered century to culminate in this grand theatre of the absurd

Social distancing. First used as a weapon to break an individual’s spirit by the CIA, Used also in communist China it is really disheartening that so few are happy not to question what the actual fact they are doing. To socially isolate humans amounts to fucking torture.

Wearing muzzle’s..Just..JUST FUCK OFF! I can see all the fabulously rich absolutely creasing up with wells of tears at the measures they are putting in place for us . Bill gates probably let’s his Husband Melvyn..or is it Kevin Kline? Sorry, I mean Melinda Gates ..his wife (hahahahahaha). Anyway, I imagine if these billionaires that like fucking kids on an island full of paedo’s then taking advise from them on health is a relatively daft fucking thing to do!
And the scripted objections are absolutely hilarious! I mean Propaganda is rife! Censorship has gone Nazi on the Richter scale, and unless we follow instructions from WHO, which is partially funded by the communist party and Bill Gates (again) then we wear a tinfoil hat!
Who is in charge of this world organisation born from the operation paperclip days? Oh just the Ethiopian health minister that covered up a few epidemics of cholera unleashed on the unsuspecting children of Ethiopia, Tedros the then health minister thought it was a bit of diarrhea, and dismissed it. He was perfect to employ at the head of this festering nazi invention of world domination, seeking top down total control. He was always perfect for the head of the who, that destroyer of lives , and tool of the eugenicists to fulfil their masterplan. What’s the betting he received a back hander or 2 for his unquestioning compliance

Is this the new normal? No actually you have been even further brainwashed with neural linguistic programming designed to make you love your masters, as planned by the Tavistock institute and programmed into your subservience by the masters you so wish to follow. .. Actually. You know the ones that all appear to fuck kids? Who are telling us what to do. THEM. You prefer to listen to men unqualified in any way to do anything accept control and kill off the weakest of the populace, than hear the voice of someone able to critically question what your government mandates you to do this week. Someone that statistically should have been dead , what with the benefits system turning into a full scale population cull. Yes i can tell you this lockdown and ridiculous measures have left me trapped in a Bentham styled panopticon prison where Karen reminds me to social distance, and young billy likes to inform me that I am mad to think that some rich cunt probably made all of this up.
You can’t catch a virus. Look into the versions of history not controlled by a foundation head of the killanthropy farce. Instead, try to understand the person who wants you vaccinated is no better qualified than you or I? His background is dodgy as fuck.. and anyone that says ‘Vaxiine’ whilst he wrings his hand, must truly be evil incarnate, sorry Bill, monopolies will not be left to you any longer.. You dodgy fuck!

No life was far from normalin the old normal.. so this new creation really isn’t much better. As i say, I know the truth. It was all a big fucking lie from day one. It was a bigger lie for the last 140 years. Where Germ and virus theory took over from the prevalent view that disease is caused by things such as war, famine drought and fear injected into you 24/7 on the telly, in the papers and now anywhere we actually try to look. Totalitarianism of the new normal is far from my expectations.. I’m getting that boat and fucking off asap Rocky!

The Human Pharmacy

A tale of disconnectedness, dystopia and the biggest lies told in history

Occasionally in my life, (very occasionally as this case may appear!) an answer to life’s little problems come about in no uncertain terms and simply solves issues which have been dragging one backwards, and down for years.

Circumstances and choices all play their part, in leaving me in the position that I am long term classed as disabled and informed by most of the medical staff that there is no help for me. So I must rot on disability benefits. Not only is that position bad enough to come to terms with. Public opinion has turned on those in poor positions, such as myself in the long term and popular by the public ‘war on the poor’, it followed the war on drugs, terror and environment. It was also a lot more popular than it’s predecessors and many are in fact nostalgic for the days when they weren’t under house arrest and could point their finger accusingly at anyone termed a benefit scrounger.

If there were ‘honours’ lists for the most monumental levels of bad decision making and poor choices, Then I may come in 3rd behind Napoleon and Hitler when they chose to invade Russia and open 2 fronts.

Society doesn’t allow for poor decisions and choices. It is non-inclusive to those that haven’t made sufficient choices to tick the necessary boxes. Again there is not a great deal of help out there.
The way that the government has been playing with benefits recently it is easy to see that it is not going to be a permanent fixture in the future. Being unaware and compliant is what I should be, however ‘Question everything’ has become a core component of my life’s analysis and I regularly question official narratives.

Similarly thinking one thing is wrong with you, due to early inaccurate diagnosis and through experience discovering something infinitely more valuable, and just in time for a fake pandemic and onslaught of what billionaires dreamed up many many years ago.

I mentioned in earlier blogs of my discovery of amino acids, (I don’t mean I discovered them. That would have to be put down to whoever’s creator story you believe) For the Essential amino’s are the human pharmacy, and this is in my view the biggest lie to have come from our so-called leaders.

We are force-fed pharmaceuticals and pills designed to switch us off and intervene for what is clearly a huge scam which seeks to keep us under control of billionaires dreams. How can I say this not being a doctor? Through self sacrifice and personal experimentation I have learnt to exist on the next to nothing budget. It may be a little too soon, but I would be willing to attempt a return to work, should help be available. This is no mean feat for I was of a mind just 6 months ago to just wait to die.

To go from that state fitting on the floor of my kitchen, unable to function for months afterwards to where I am now whilst in the midst of a systematic shutting down of the society which I was unable to fit into properly anyway to me is frankly phenomenal.

I was in quite a bit of debt, and paying off that was a priority which put me into such danger that, in hindsight if the path had continued I may well have been dead today. Despite the curses and thigh-slaps of damnation at my still standing the current sense of clarity insofar as certain truths are concerned. The universe provides, and if I hadn’t spotted the signs, I would likely have been far worse than I am today.

Hunger and struggles do not effect me in the way they used to. I find I can become a deep thinker at these times but as the days lengthen the actual ability to function ebbs away. To the point on that November day when my poverty was beginning to have massive effect on my personal health. I felt a deep cloudiness in my head for months after that. I found it difficult to take myself out of the house. It was connected to the brain injury, and I didn’t realise it until later but it was a fit from total lack of nutrition and amino deficiency.

Everyone and everything, be it animal mineral or vegetable needs amino’s. They are essential, and yet I bet hardly anyone has really heard or knows what they are, or do. I certainly remember skipping through them as fairly unimportant in biology. And thinking about intake of food sources, vitamins and minerals only account for about 25 percent of the total needed nutrition, The rest is found from Amino’s. When asking somebody knowledgable of their uses the first response is usually, “They are the building blocks of life!” Before they go on to make your eyes glaze over with long biological terms. The fact is from the 9 essential amino’s over 1200 antibodies, hormones receptors and combinations can be built up. Along with cannabinoids they are the most unspoken of groups to be ignored by everyone I have ever known. Everybody knows about minerals. The Iron and other necessities. Yet without the essential amino’s which can be gained from most foods the necessary combinations will not appear.

Without general consensus, a huge and blatant lie can be highlighted, my own personal experimentation can back this fact up and clear and very contradictory summaries from the official narratives can be drawn from my claims.

The majority of sickness, mental health and addiction is very very likely to be dietary deficiencies emanating in the various offshoots of reaction humans get as a result. The pills and diagnosis are based on science which falls at every hurdle to explain the simple answers. We have been blinded with technicalities and myth designed to culminate in enriching those keeping the information away from you. By replacing what the body needs with chemical answers to enrich the pharma industry and deplete our body-temple is what has occurred, a huge eugenics programme is currently occurring. The people that kept these secrets need to be found and hung. For they are eugenicists and psychopaths who believe they have more right on this earth to control you because they made it and you didn’t. They deem that to maintain their wealth they must keep alive the lie that we will all die without them, it is as clear as day that it is the other way around.

So I have been using amino’s for around 2 months now. What are the changes and effects I am feeling?
A better nights sleep! I haven’t been getting great sleep since being a kid I don’t think. Tryptophan combines with other nutrients to produce natural serotonin, and melatonin, giving a good night rest, I also think it has some kind of sharpening of the endo-cannabinoid system either producing naturally or fixing the cannabinoid receptors.. I felt quite stoned although there is not enough information for me to be able to clarify this last point. It makes sense, especially with how little either subjects have been researched due to prohibition. When my amino’s arrived in February things had taken a bad turn, yet again with the governments continuance to direct policy to impede and destroy…instead of benefit and enhance as it should do.. They stopped my pip due to me misunderstanding their vorgon ways despite me no longer being in that debt I found things were even harder. I hadn’t smoked a decent ciggy for days reduced to borrowing from friends I was stressed, unable to think straight, unmotivated not looking like things would get much better.

The amino’s were not too nice to drink pleasurably I found that a few spoons in a third of a pint of water, drunk quickly is the absolute best method. I had already been preparing for the aminos by having diatomaceous Earth to open up the gut nerve endings and kill off any unwanted parasitical bastards that hang round and make you fart!

The next day, first thing I took my first amino drink, the wave of release from that months long cloudiness is something I had both desired and concluded I would never get back. Clarity, release. I wasn’t dying from a brain injury getting worse, I had been long term heavily depleted in amino’s, and to a lesser extent minerals and vitamins. My long term governmental push into poverty had been effecting me badly. I just didnt realise it, and not knowing can only help the medical services to further exploit you.

I have to thank Bright presence. The sufferance to the point of fitting on my kitchen floor, to the vibrant and energetic individual I am in just a few short months is no less than miraculous. I think i would have been one of the first casualties of this plandemic, and once again the universe provided.
It provided me with some vital knowledge, and just a little bit of soul back.. So Thank You!

Year of The Hermit

And just when I am starting to balance things again the world is introduced to an invisible enemy which enables governments to lock down 4 billion people. Anyone descenting the ‘official story’ is lambasted by genuinely concerned citizens hearing horror stories coming through mainstream media, and so called experts giving quite frankly bogus science leaves me looking around, open-mouthed, shaking my head in dismay.

For the world as we have known it.. We could say the human race has pulled its Tower card. Massive upheaval, and some of our most targeted hatreds are suffering as badly, if not worse than ourselves. If not they have turned into the official co(n)vid-19 death squad and seek to inflict pain on anybody dissenting in any way to the massively unprecedented, and completely unnecessary actions that have been taken. Anyone that questions the official story is slammed down for being irresponsible and true hatred is spewed by them. The current climate in a completely different context reminds me of Spike lee’s Long hot summer.

So certain groups of people have been highlighted, pigeonholed and shamed in groups, any dissenting view is being smothered and targetted by people refusing to hear any other version and harnessing the fear into a massive boil on the side of Earth’s arse, frankly!

There is another time this reminds me of. What springs to mind is Nazi Germany actually:- I mean, Mainstream media is now the ministry of propaganda, and internet. Totalitarian techniques are being used in order to create food queues. People are scared to leave their homes. Neighbours are grassing on their neighbours, family members on their fellow siblings. Emergency measures have been put in place and we ..4 billion are on a lockdown, which certain individuals clearly do not wish to end, and you have to ask the old adage Who benefits… Or is it WHO benefits:- along with some nefarious corporate souls, and individuals with no souls, and great big agendas?

Certain names repeatedly come up, Firstly the man unable to fix computer virus’s from effecting millions of peoples home computers around the world, he grabbed his money and ran off to convince the Earths experts that virus’s were going to be the next pandemic. Well, i guess when you got yourself a few Billions and are looking at wholesale changing the world then sticking a spike of other virus’s from other animals, and other regions.. Well I am not too sure if it is collateral damage in the pursuit of your own health and happiness, or sycophantic philanthropy. Playing god to a bunch of people you care very little of, accept for how to reduce the overall population… so that you can grow extra pumpkins and not have to worry about poor people stealing them is not fucking well acceptable. Sorry!

The problem is, anybody looking into conspiracy has to be careful. As with the official storyline, the alternatives may have one tiny discrepancy, not even necessarily the important part of the article, but enough to mark it false. So the ministry of social networks has deemed it unsociable for people to discuss the fact that they have been kept on lockdown for nearly a month now.. Five years for me, at least.. I’m hard wired to this shit. Its those fat bellied belligerent twats who hate everyone that can afford to snort coke in the restaurant toilets whilst slagging off the poor homeless, huddled in a non-central town area … Well we must keep those statistics down eh?It’s not their fault they were programmed to be heartless, to gaslight their efforts to rob us blind whilst distracted.by people that will gain, by your blaming the poor recipients of welfare. That is the finest form of distraction. “look at my hand whilst my other hands the keys to your safe and empties it. Look at the hand”. We have fallen hook line and sinker for their efforts. Even knowing doesn’t equate to much, I mean The Tavistock institute for human relations is in London, they know the precise methods in which to bring about totalitarian change, They were instrumental in helping both Fascist and communist ideologies.

That, as far as I am concerned is the fundamental element to all this. With such intelligence, and social manipulation tools at hand. Tools which have had a fundamental part in controlled change in every country of the world.. Is it that hard to see a mirror of the past in our own present times.

4 billion people sat in their homes, waiting for the all clear to come out because the ‘war on virus’ has been won. If you lot don’t start thinking for yourselves we may not get to go out much more. You really want this for a country that has seen out more than its fair share of history? To go out to a little tiny virus, which might not even exist more than a few strange cases? Im not delving into conspiracy, I have looked for long enough and said about this for long enough to be able to leave you to sleep in your little bubble.

Smokers! The cravings we get in our brains are not nicotine, they are amino acid deficiencies!

Yes that is a very brave statement to make! How dare I?
Am i a doctor? No! That is why I am telling you this, without fear, I cold-turkied nicotine and trampled over tobacco

I couldn’t believe it when i hadn’t had a cigarette for 2 days. I was climbing the walls, but i didn’t want to ask for any. Trying to keep a level keel. I was testing some supplements and they were pretty useful so far.

I took my amino’s from Bright Presence and that feeling of absolute need for a cigarette went in seconds! I don’t mean it came back it went and it stayed gone! Could I ? No, c’mon Tim everyone agree’s you are possibly the crabbiest person in the world without a morning cigarette!

Well, Yes i am, I have to admit I am the crabbiest, most irritable, grumpy, mouthy individual I have the dis-pleasure to know, especially when i haven’t had a morning cigarette! Yet here i was, Empty cupboards, messy house, no cigarettes and my amino supplement literally took all that noncense away. I didn’t care! Or rather, I did care, I cared a lot!

Now Obviously I wanted to take these supplements to understand the product a little better.really get myself into what it is that I am actually promoting. Giving up nicotine though? That was never on my agenda! It wasn’t on any of the labels, or the packaging either.

Anyway, There is a little research out there.. Look up amino acid depletion in smokers. Was i feeling any difference after a week without? I ran out of aminos for four days, by the fifth day I felt they were running lower again.

That’s the governments starvation program for you. Life on benefits keeps you just below broke so whilst awaiting the top ups the sufferance was great again but, I am happy to say that I maintained the lack of need for a cigarette, and even started to feel a little motivated! . Although still smoking I wasnt overly fussed,, twiddling my thumbs a little but my health and vitality have started to come back in ways… well, in ways I couldn’t remember. I decided on monday, just gone would be the date to give up smoking tobacco, I got some bushbacca, basically pretend stuff and just stopped.. But not on the monday, as planned, but last friday before(28th Feb2020)!

I feel Fine, I rode out the first 72 hours with relative ease but have been finding I am struggling with an overactive mind! At the moment I am happy not to smoke, it was an unexpected surprise and my state of mind has been much better since.

So from 3 weeks ago when I first started taking these supplements, I have stopped smoking for five days, I even started painting.. Small steps and all that. I am beginning to think that my brain injury is completely poverty based and unless i want to die slowly, whilst waiting for it, i need to do something drastic!

The amino supplements from Bright presence are an absolute must get if you feel that normal routes are helping in any way. The main categories of people that take amino supplements are bodybuilders and vegans, but we can list so many other ailments and deficiencies that can be treated by inputting what we need supplemented by amino supplements.
Order your pack Here

Take a look at my last 2 blogs on how I got to where I am now, and more information on Bright presence and your amino supplements! Back soon

Brighter Presence amEno acids Part one

Essential Amino’s The building blocks for health, Vitality and a new lease of life

Its not every day one gets new products to try out. When it happens, and especially when seeking to put ones life back to normal its always recommended to go for it! 

It was a call from the universe I think. Locking into synchronisticvibes, a friend asked.. “Is that you at Bilderberg?” It turned out in the annals of you-tube was an old video of me watching a speaker called Darren Deogee talking about words being spells! I was captivated by the chat and remember talking afterwards. As was my way I later added him to facebook, and pretty much moved on.

I had grown tired of shouting at trillionaires, and I suspect they had more than enough pictures of me! I got to marshall David Icke and Alex Jones that day. Probably the peak period of us woke generation, I like many others realised the hypocrisy of much of the ‘Truther’ movement. Checking up facts often highlighted this point precisely.. I have always steered more toward self-sufficiency than total reliance. I know we are ruled by wealthy controlling people.. I just don’t think violence nor the polarity in everything is necessary…Anyway, I digress!

The friend mentioning me being on that video, led to a post By Darren rolling down my newsfeed the very next day, requesting help with his online business…That was the synchronicity kicking in! I threw my hat in and after a few missed occasions we finally got to chat about his ventures. Every one of which is worthy, However me being me, I like to know my product. Immerse myself, to the best of my capabilities.

Supplements are hardly my priority usually, but even I have to admit ..If there is something I need, then its to supplement my godawful diet of basic bank food tins and stress! It could be said I am an extreme case and would either feel nothing whatsoever, or something really outlandish

In so many way’s It was a group of supplement’s , that I was very much in need of. I think everybody has their own reason and each time it will be different from the next human. Essentially Amino acids make up 75 percent of the human needs it balances and makes the protein and bits the human has to take in to function. It seems a lot of us humans essentially crave our amino intake since it helps with many areas which appear to be major issues today.

For vegans, obviously their amino’s which they would gain from animal products has to be replaced, Vegans will be happy to know this is vegan friendly range of products.

However anyone whose dietary intake is lacking, or they need to intake more amino’s will benefit from this product. Not over time like many of the supplements for protein, amino’s make the protein. I am not a doctor, nor in any way am I trained. All I can give is my open and honest opinion as somebody who would through impoverished circumstances benefit from the amino supplements Brighter presence products provide.

Im going to be testing out the products now and will run a journal with regular updates. I can tell you surprising results are occurring already!

Darren on Amino acid’s

Brighter presence on Facebook 

Amino Acid structure


Amino acid picture


The return of the blog

Well, hasn’t the last 3 years dragged on. The truth is, there is only so much ranting one can do in a day. And i have pretty much sung from the same song sheet throughout. My political stance is Anarchy. I need no leader and do not wish to lead either.

The world has become farcical in its integrity and non-committal bordering on communist in its truth giving. Having looked into the idea of contagious disease. Most of it is likely mythological as well. What an utter balls-up we have made of the world.

Divide and conquer is absolutely the greatest tool being used, whilst we are being slowly poisoned and injected with fear. Pissed on by the big club and told that it’s raining. Asked to bend over a bit further whilst government fucks us all a little bit harder with with its double ender of agenda driven politics and candid white lies.

I am absolutely sick to the teeth of the absolute shite spewing out of our television sets, telling us what to think, and how to feel, a constant narrative flowing seamlessly from one to another whilst those over vaccinated over-medicated golems watch 24/7 fear porn hypnotically telling you what the latest fabricated news story is. Meanwhile giving an endless torrent of bullshit outbreaks slowly steering us toward the final goal. TOTAL ANNHILATION!

The truth is, I am pretty much done with it all. Are we too far gone? Will there be any new vision which doesn’t result in anyone dying? I mean if a mass culling of anything should occur then it should be those self appointed technocratic billionaires who think they can own something which is sentient. They cannot and never will succeed. Quite a few will go though. There is a steady war on family values, health. ..oh and get ready for hyper inflation!
The hidden hand has revealed himself and he has the body and soul of a viscous snake that must be removed from the grounds before anybody else gets bitten.

It has come to my realisation that most systems were made and created by eugenicists and as a result their disguised philanthropic intentions can be notched up or down according to their need to depopulate us. There is a real war on the poor going on, but the 10 years of benefits Britain indoctrination has allowed people to leave their genuine care at the doorstep and look to charities to fulfill the agendas with less scrutiny than government. The elderly too are for it. The condition to make elderly think its time to die has begun to creep out the world economic forum propaganda machine. They intend to fulfil this agenda whether its right or wrong. It is wrong, and no Klaud I won’t eat your fucking bugs and yes I WILL BE HAPPY!

An open letter to the world’s decision makers

Dear Decision makers of the world, their lobbying allies, members of the control power grid, human farmers of their varying degrees.

Most people like to try and ‘raise awareness’ when they realise the world you have planned for us. Let us just put certain things aside for the good of this article working and being beneficial to you as it is for me to write it.  You see you are completely out of touch with what it is like down here. The effects every decision you have taken has down here. I mean it is likely you are enjoying it all. You had been planning it for quite some time, however I wonder if you have at any point thought to yourselves ‘What if I am wrong?’ I mean have you considered the consequences of what happens if you are wrong?
Have you considered what might happen if your huge plans which involves controlling every element of every single life and killing off anyone that doesn’t agree might do if you have got even 1 single element of your agenda wrong.
Truth becomes more prominent the longer you prolong a huge lie.  To me it is glaringly obvious what the absolute fundamental flaw is with any form of all change is the need for everybody to live an opposite way to that which they want, instead of forced everything must be from personal choice. Nobody should be able to control anyone else without consent.

Every great vision comes with a negative interpretation. I mean a good question is why vaccinate the world when clean and healthy living would reduce illness so much more? Why block out the sun, when simply reinvigorating countries instead of plundering them and expecting us to clean up your mess. Is it that you think the damage you have done in your globalist pursuits shouldn’t be made by you?

NO! You no longer get to decide, when the clear irresponsibility of the actions being taken are so detrimental to so many people. Pay for the mess you made in your globalist pursuits yourselves. Take responsibility for your own actions fix the mess you made. Killing more people because your mistakes are so huge is not the way it should be done.

I am not so blind to not know that our lives have become your concern.. I mean you never have given a flying fuck up until now about anybody or anything, until you are threatened with breaking up your corporations, and suddenly all these wild ideas to either save or kill people come to fruition, just because you have more money though, you aren’t cleverer I just don’t wish to be a part of this corrupt system. So instead of total control, why not consider total choice? You can integrate ai to those who wish it, apply every system with a fundamental rule. No one coerces another to do what they do not wish and nobody interferes in others rights to live their lives either. That works. Why does everybody have to do what only half a country supports when we can have every form of living as a lifestyle choice. Total freedom instead of complete suppression. You could all be Dragons for us and help people to start their new lives.
I mean the Big point for me is this. Your tech, your science your knowledge isn’t that good or great? Most of your summations are frankly retarded and its time for you to put things right for the whole planet and give back in positive ways. Not in ways which gain you more control but in which people can discover their own true power, which is innate and will become stronger the longer you maintain these falsehoods. If you wish to be gods, then do what is right, give us back our own power. It is time!

A message to Bill Gates, and the rest of the billionaire club

Dear Mr Gates, et al
Being a stupid poor person, with very little contribution to society, I have to wonder about some basic elements to this pandemic. I mean being poor and stupid, i won’t have read all those complicated texts you read, mainly written by people you agree with.. In fact, I imagine it difficult for you to envision somebody poor and stupid able to read and either decide this way or that what amount and element of total bullshit actually comes out your fucking mouth! Which is likely why you maintain this horrid malignant pose waving your scrawny fingers at the camera and talking about vaxxxxxiiiiiiiines.

Why i won’t take one of your fucking vaccines

I will not, nor will I ever take a vaccine from any of the corporations you have bankrolled, I have to question the whole Vaccine theorem.. but not before I question the whole virus theory. Despite the over arching censorship taking place not a lot looks into either of these two methodologies.. we simply listen to what we are being told by so-called experts. It isn’t just rammed down our throat, it is indoctrinated to us. I have many, many , many questions about every element of ‘information being sanguined into reality as its literally made up. None of koch’s postulates have passed for any of these vaccines. Because the whole theory is total bollocks. You know it.. so do all your billionaire friends. You have been successful Bill gates, et al, but please do not think you are infallible. You are not. Im 6 foot four and can kick your fucking arse. I can also read and write. I can also question official narrative. Curses to elementary education. Or not curses.. I mean elementary education would involve spewing BOLLOCKS down our throats in preparation a false plandemic… Ooh tell me, really what’ d’ya know?